Özteknik Record started its activities in 1990. Since 2003, it has been continuing to provide production and service in Ostim / Ankara.




  • Our employees, customers, product and service suppliers, our social stakeholders, our corporate and social responsibility to develop ourselves with the consciousness of consciousness and always better.
  • 21st century changing market conditions, customer preferences and competitive environment in the foreground with the quality of the products we produce and the services we offer, being a pioneer and respected organization with the awareness of being a pioneer in the industry and being a model company.
  • All of our products and services are experienced by our experienced staff with strict inspection and operation during the design / planning, production, supply, installation and maintenance phases. Quality service and customer satisfaction is essential.

 We ensure that our customers focus on their business while producing quality services and products through the production and procurement processes that are raised at the planned time.


 Design, production, supply and after-sales support is not only the timely support of the product we offer the best quality.


 By using high technology, we produce all the factors in production and supply stage without compromising quality.